• Bulletin
    Past twelve months have been a complete roller-coaster ride for Sammaan. Many new initiatives that were at a deadlock for a long time are now on the surface...
  • Ascent
    On occasion of Vibrant Gujarat 2013, Sammaan foundation and the government of Gujrat signed a memorandum of understanding for replicating rickshaw project...
  • Accolade
    The prestegious Skoch Foundation awarded Sammaan Foundation for doing exemplary work in the field of Financial Inclusion. The event was held...
  • Green Wave
    About twenty-five battery-operated rickshaws hit the roads of Greater Noida on the 26th January 2013 in association with Greater Noida Development Authority...


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We strive to demonstrate our values in action!
There are about ten million cycle rickshaw pullers in India. Each puller, on an average, raises a family of five. That means about fifty million lives are dependent on income earned from cycle rickshaws. Such a large population is completely cut off from mainstream socio-financial spectrum. Our aim is to organize this entire sector and transform rickshaw pullers into an empowered and dignified workforce. In order to help this community grow holistically, we have initiated a sustainable livelihood model apart from other efforts in areas of poverty alleviation, financial inclusion, healthcare, and awareness creation.
Our efforts revolve around an indispensable guiding light ­ our mission. It underlines our motive as a social enterprise and serves as a benchmark for assessing our approach and actions. Our mission is to:
  • Empower the downtrodden
  • Create income opportunities for the unskilled
This is the framework of our mission and describes what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving the desired change for different stakeholders.
  • People: Be an amazing place to work where people are self motivated to pull out the best of them.
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